White Papers and Reports

What’s a White Paper?

A white paper is something of an art-form, with a structure and function all its own.


It needs to be seen as less of an advertisement for your high-end product or service and more of a solution to your potential customer’s problem.

It should identify a need, discuss how that need could ideally be met and with what and then gently mention the fact that you have just the thing – relief of a pain point.

Most white papers are intended for use B2B, but occasionally for B2C too.


What’s involved?

White papers take a lot of research before pen touches paper (or fingers, keyboard) and the whole process takes about 6 weeks.

It starts by having a discussion with you to discover what your ultimate aim is in commissioning a white paper – is it simply to tell the world you have an amazing product; to increase enquiries and ultimately sales (the usual reason), or something else? With a relatively quick call which usually lasts around 20 minutes, or by email if you prefer, we decide the initial content, who it’s aimed at and the tone in which you’d like it written.

The info is collated and a rough outline drawn up. Fleshing this out is the next step, still in note form, until it hangs together in a cohesive format.

Then the real writing begins. You can have as much or as little input as you like and will always be able to revise the work after the first draft is produced. Images are added in; formatting is done; your branding is applied and the first draft is submitted to you for approval.

Once you’re 100% happy with the work, a 3-D image is created from the cover. This sits on the download page of your site to encourage visitors to click and get their own copy of the white paper. You would normally ask for name and email address in exchange, but giving the report totally free is a great way to massively increase distribution and is worth considering.

I need one!

If you have a fabulous product or service that you want to really promote, let’s get that in-depth White Paper up there on your site and start generating interest – and sales.