Website Copywriting

How long does it take to lose money?


Just 3 seconds…ipad showing clock with 3 seconds remaining

That’s all the time you’ve got to achieve a connection with your site visitors before they click away and buy from someone else. Your website can be a wonderful, global way to market your business, but it must have the right content to turn your visitors into your customers. 

That’s a tough nut to crack. The challenge is to create a landing page that’s compelling, intriguing and absorbing enough in its first 3 seconds of viewing to entice readers to dig deeper.


You know someone who can.

If you’ve got this far, you already know that I can write the sort of website copy that does encourage visitors to read more and find out what’s in it for them.

My site pages probably won’t be in the tone or voice you’d like on your site, to promote your brand and sell your products. You can have your pages written in whatever voice you prefer – friendly, conversational, funny, snappy and up-to-the-minute or very business-like and formal.

Whatever you want to say and however you want to say it, I can help you do it.

Enter the beast…

dragon in google coloursIt’s no problem taming the Google dragon either. With expert application of on- and off-page SEO:

  • Google knows it’s a genuine and valuable site and will rank it accordingly. The proper use of internal, external and backlinks, alt tags, headings, keywords (yes, you still need keywords!) and other formatting essentials will do this.
  • your site will be easy to find in searches through the correctly written meta data;
  • the interesting and valuable content will reduce ranking-killing  ‘bounce-off’  – that’s when visitors pop on a site, think it’s not what they want and immediately click away again

Images too…

Words are so valuable, but they don’t hold immediate interest on their own. Images are vital for that and you’ll need a fair few. Sourcing or even creating suitable and usable images is all part of the service. Of course, pictures taken from your own files are the best and these can be formatted-in with the copy. If you don’t have any of your own, then properly licensed or bespoke ones can be supplied.

Next step…

Time is money, so don’t wait any longer. Have a chat with me today and let’s get the ball rolling to create better content for your site, more interest for your visitors and more sales in your pocket.