Product Descriptions

The sales are in the detail…

Selling a product – especially online – relies heavily on the description of it that the viewer reads.

Great product images are invaluable, but the detail is in the written text and it has to be good. It needs to be to the point, honest and descriptive of every important feature. It must be accurate too  – the last thing you want is a bucket-load of returns because buyers didn’t get what they thought they were buying. 

It needs to sparkle, to make the reader immediately want to become a customer.

What’s behind it?

What supports the descriptions has to be good as well. If the product has a page of its own on the site, it needs unique and correctly-formatted meta data. That’s the snippety bits that come up on a Google results list when you put in a search – the title and a short paragraph describing what’s at the end of the click.

It’s vital that this is done properly, as it’s the only information the searcher initially has on what’s on the page. Get it wrong and they’ll bounce off the page as soon as they get there, which is very bad for your site’s Google rankings and for sales too.

I can write meta data that will entice searchers to click and product descriptions that convert  – in short, I can help you boost your sales and put money in your bank.

Don’t lose one more sale…

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