Marketing Emails and Newsletters

How Hard Can It Be?

Written properly, good marketing emails or newsletters are like virtual sales people, taking your message and selling your products wherever you want. Send out lots of them and you have a whole sales force working away for you – and the best bit is there are no salaries to pay at the end of the month!

It might seem that writing a sales or marketing email is easy, but actually, it’s harder than you think to get it right.

How long have I got?

Initially, you only have the title of the email to encourage the viewer to open it and not send it straight to the junk folder, so that has to be intriguing.

Once opened, you have only a few seconds, or the length of the first couple of sentences, to get the reader to carry on reading, so they have to be gripping.

Then, assuming the reader makes it to the end, you need to make it worth their while to reply to it, so it has to be compelling.

Not an easy task, especially if you’re doing a drip-email campaign. You want the recipients to carry on reading your messages and, hopefully, to buy from you.

Hmm… can’t I do it myself?

Well, probably – with a lot of practice, a few specialist writing courses and a great deal of time.


Why bother when I can write them for you  and leave you more time to do what you’re really good at – managing your business and making money? 

Give me a call today and we can work out just what you need to get your marketing emails winging their way to your new clients.