E-book Lead Magnets

E-book Lead Magnets

What’s in the box?

3d hardback e- book lead magnetAn e-book lead magnet, or electronic book to give it it’s pre-abbreviation name, is a little magical treasure chest of absolute delight… when it’s done well. When it isn’t, it can be as dry and dusty as yesterday’s news.

E-books are magical because you can put absolutely anything in them as well as words. They can have pictures, graphics and even video and audio clips. They can have links to products and websites and pretty much the same content as can go on a web page. The beauty of them is that people can download them and take them away to enjoy over and over again on their own e-device, or even in printed hard copy.

‘Okay, nice but what’s the point of that? I hear you ask.

The point is that you can put together an e-book lead magnet as a free gift for your site visitors which they can’t possibly resist.  Everyone loves something for nothing and, in return, they will gladly give you their name and contact email address. 

3d magazine or brochure e-book lead magnet

Providing you’re compliant with the GDPR privacy regulations and make sure your download customers don’t mind, you can then send them newsletters, updates and tempting offers to boost your sales.

Used this way, an e-book turns into the e-book lead magnet which literally attracts people to your site and builds your lead-base. In some cases, you can even sell your e-book directly and make sales that way.

Another benefit comes in the shape of brilliant boosts to your Google rankings, as the SEO generated by a good and free download is great. 

All you need is the e-book lead magnet, a download page on your site and a data collection method.

To produce an e-book lead magnet…

3d spiral bound e-book lead magnetFirst, you need me.

I’ve written so many e-book lead magnets that I’ve lost count and every one on a different topic. Information, advice, how-to’s, recipes, and many more.

However, the one thing we don’t do is to create a blatant sales pitch. The book has to be primarily informative, interesting and of value to your visitors. There will, however, be a CTA or two and a little gentle selling at the end, don’t worry. 

But, you don’t just get my writing skills when you commission your e-book, you get the whole shebang.

You get:

(it’s a long list, but bear with me…)

  • totally unique copy written from information you give, independent research or a combination of both;3d softback e-book lead magnet
  • complete formatting to compliment your site branding, or any other branding you choose. The e-book can be completely interactive with clickable navigation buttons, hyperlinks, video, bookmarks and other bits of wizardry to delight your readers.
  • copyright-free images from various sources, or even created especially to suit the content; 
  • a completely bespoke cover with image/s and details of your choice;
  • freedom to review the final draft and make any changes you like;
  • production of the final e-book, normally in .PDF format for easy download. You also get an editable copy of the original Word document, in case you want to make any changes going forward;
  • a 3-D mock-up image of the finished e-book to include on your download page. This is in a choice of 4 formats – hardcover, softback, spiral-bound or magazine/brochure style. You can see examples around the page.
  • If you need the download page creating, setting up and equipping with all the necessary bells and whistles, I can do that too at a modest extra cost.

At the end of all that, you have a perfect e-book of your own.  All ready to delight and amaze your visitors and inspire them to buy from you.

Like the idea?

Give me a call, tell me what you need and I’ll wave my wand and make you a wonderful, magical e-book lead magnet.

Well, it isn’t quite that simple, but you get the gist.