Blogs and Articles


It’s not so long ago that nobody had heard of ‘weblogs’, usually shortened to ‘blogs’ – such an ugly word, don’t you think? Now, they’re everywhere you look on the Wonderful Worldwide Web and everyone’s talking about them.

blog speech bubblesWhy?

It’s because they give a platform for site owners to talk to their visitors, to communicate in a less formal way than on their web pages. That’s a huge resource for connecting with potential and existing clients on a level that’s like a friendly conversation. It also doesn’t do the site Google rankings any harm at all either.

Blogs are great marketing tools too, but they do need to follow a formula and structure to work properly for your business. A blog needs to be:

  • regularly updated with new, relevant and valuable content. Google likes nothing better than  properly structured blog posts uploaded regularly, with all the right bits and pieces – more of that in a moment.
  • not a direct, in-your-face sales pitch. Instead, introduce interesting and sometimes tangential topics, with a slant towards your company or product. Include relevant internal and external links and a call to action at the end. Vary the format – articles, listicles, interactive items, interviews, customer stories and Q&A’s all work well.
  • written properly with correct use of heading-tags, keywords and unique meta data for the post that’s correct and technically sound. Meta data forms the snippety-bits which Google shows in a search results page, enabling searchers to find you and helping to make the post SEO-friendly.
  • a good length. A short, skimpy, single paragraph won’t do. It should be at least 500 words and preferably nearer 1200 words if it’s to be well rated by the search engines.

There’s more technical stuff, but I’m sure you get the gist – to make it work, you need to know what you’re doing.

You know a woman who does…

I can write posts which fulfil all of the criteria, plus being easy to read and without jargon. I tend naturally towards a conversational tone when I write – as you may already have noticed! – but can adjust that to suit whatever tone and voice you want your business to have.

You can have just a single post as a one-off or several per month. If you wish, they can also be uploaded to your site, formatted to follow your branding and adorned with suitable images, taking all that time-consuming hassle off your shoulders.

Wouldn’t that be a relief? 

It leaves you free to do what only you can do best – growing your business and making oodles of money.

Yep, help me out…quick!

To relieve yourself of shed-loads of hassle, time consuming fiddling and worries whether you’ve got it all right or not, simply give me a shout and I’ll sort it all for you – no problem.