Words are powerful.

Words have started wars, forged alliances, created peace and fostered love, hate and passion but rarely indifference.

Do you want to harness that word power to help your business grow?

Now you can.

freelance writer Ann WalkerHi, I’m Ann Walker  

Whatever you want your company to say to the world and your clients, I can help you to give it voice.

Don’t wait any longer to give your business a boost – 
For any type of business writing you need, talk to me now and together we can make your business sing. 

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Make your webpages instantly grab attention with sparkling, compelling and interesting content.

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Your blog should be your always-fresh conversation with your visitors. It should inform, entertain and intrigue. It needs to be good.

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A White Paper is your chance to offer an in-depth look at your top product or service. 
Properly-written and marketed, it will create sales.

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shopping iconSparkling product descriptions turn readers into customers. 

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Downloadable E-book Lead Magnets encourage visitors to give you their contact details for future use. They can also boost your Google rankings.

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Drip-feed campaign emails need careful writing to stay out of the Junk folder. 
Newsletters keep customers coming back.

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